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How To Make A Perfect Website And The Best Tools To Achieve It


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So you want to build a website, but you have no idea how to get started. You’ve never done it before, and you have no idea how to code. Are you really capable of doing this? Of course you are. Here’s some tips on how to get the perfect website built, and some very useful tools to help you achieve your vision.

You don’t need to know how to code

Even a few years ago, you couldn’t have created a website without knowing at least some code. Now, though, there’s lots of software available online that will help you get your website together. It’s all online, so there’s no need to download anything. It’s easy to use, too. Most software just lets you drag and drop features, so everything is exactly where you want it. The best part is that it’s all simple to understand.

Use templates

If you’re a real newbie when it comes to putting a website together, you may not know where each element of the site should go. That’s why templates are a good idea for you. You can pick one, and then change the text and images to get it looking unique and designed with your purposes in mind.

Buy your own domain name

1 click install for webs and cpanel

Using online website builders is a good idea, but one drawback is that you won’t have your own domain name. That can be easily fixed, though. All you have to do is go and buy your domain. Think of something short and snappy, that will describe what your website does. Buy that domain, and then link it to your website. The directions will this differ depending on which software you’re using, but finding the instructions is easy. Once that’s done, if you type in your new website address, it’ll point to that website. Easy!

Integrating eCommerce

If you’re going to sell through your website, before you do anything you need to check if your software can handle it. Most website creators have some form of eCommerce tools available, but you want to ensure that it will be safe for people to buy from you. That’s why Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology must be present, to avoid identity theft.

Have confidence in yourself

You may not have built a website before, but you’ve used plenty and you know what a good website looks like. You can create a website with just a few clicks, so it’s easier than ever to get started. You too can create something great online.

Tools to get you started

Ready to get making your website? Then here are some tools that you can put to good use:

Avocode: This website gives you the easier way to code your own website. You can even invite in collaborators to give you a hand.

Sketch: This graphic design tool is used by high ranking websites such as Buzzfeed, Paypal and Google. It makes the process of designing your site much simpler and easier to understand.

Best Australian Writers: You’re going to need content, so why not get help? This site gives you access to all of the writers that you will ever need.

UXPin: You’ll need to play around with different elements of your website design before you can implement them. This tool allows you to do this with ease.

Marvel: This is the best tool to start creating prototypes of your website. Get a feel for how it looks before it goes live.

Now you have the tools to hand, go create that website. You too can create a website that visitors will love.



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