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Infolio Property Advisors

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No two advocates are the same, and before you engage in one there are a number of questions you should ask yourself. Are they a one-man show? Have they sold property before? How long have they been in the industry before? We believe we’re Melbourne’s best collective of advocates, advisors and property managers. We began in 2008, identifying a genuine need for all property buyers to be better informed, from buyers and sellers, to renovators and those needing help with property management. As well as offering insight and expertise in property concerns, we’re often able to bypass the open market, allowing our clients to secure or sell property with a minimum of fuss — and avoid the stress of going to auction. Whether it’s saving time and money, avoiding pitfalls or being a step ahead, our aim has always been to offer clients the opportunity to make more informed and financially rewarding decisions about property. 

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